Slide Into You

I want to slide into you
Oil coating our bodies our breasts touch
I gaze into your eyes and passion erupts
Our mouths are on fire
Each kiss like an explosion
Our two bodies coming together as one
My Hands roaming down your back
Your hands gripping my shoulder and neck
We come together as one
My thigh in between your legs
I rub against your mound
Your excitement coats my thigh
Our bodies undulate together
Pushing back and forth
A wave of ecstasy oovertakes us both
I slide my finger inside of your pussy from behind
Your juices suck me in further
I probe you deeply and fast
My thumb finds the rosebud between your cheeks
Rubbing in circles I slowly ease my thumb inside your ass
I slide into you as you cry out in orgasm
You moan my name as our bodies become one