Slide Into You

I want to slide into you
Oil coating our bodies our breasts touch
I gaze into your eyes and passion erupts
Our mouths are on fire
Each kiss like an explosion
Our two bodies coming together as one
My Hands roaming down your back
Your hands gripping my shoulder and neck
We come together as one
My thigh in between your legs
I rub against your mound
Your excitement coats my thigh
Our bodies undulate together
Pushing back and forth
A wave of ecstasy oovertakes us both
I slide my finger inside of your pussy from behind
Your juices suck me in further
I probe you deeply and fast
My thumb finds the rosebud between your cheeks
Rubbing in circles I slowly ease my thumb inside your ass
I slide into you as you cry out in orgasm
You moan my name as our bodies become one

Black Curls

Black curls wisp around
So thick and sexy
I extend my tongue to lick you
Entering the forest of love
Your taste is wonderful
Your smell enchanting
I am enveloped into you
Your juices flow onto my tongue
Your flower opens to me
I am in pure bliss

A Song I Love - "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Enjoy this song! I have posted the video and a video of a live performance for your enjoyment!

Live Version:

Home is when I am with you!


The moment I saw you a fire raged through my body
You reach to hold my hand
Pulling me in close
I gaze into your eyes
It is as if I am looking into a pool of shimmering water
I see you looking back at me
I see myself in you
We are one in the same
Life is complete
Fate has brought us together

Rambling Thoughts

The darkness surrounds me like a cloak laying heavily against my chest
Sitting down upon me like a thousand sumo wrestlers
I can not breathe no matter how hard I try
I feel all alone and scared like a child who climbed a tree and now is afraid to come down
The fragile limbs of my life are shaking under my weight with the wind blowing against my skin
My eyes peer below as I look down about the people
As they move along going about their lives
I scream out for help wishing someone was there to guide me down
I feel your hand on my shoulder
Finally someone is here to guide me

Naughty Poem - Chocolate & Cherries

Pulling you close to me I begin to drip the warm chocolate down our chests
The feel of your nipples rubbing against my chest as I kiss your lips
I begin to kiss your neck and chest your skin salty and sweet
Gently nibbling on your flesh at first I run my hand over your left breast
Cupping it in my hand as I pull you close to me the coating our skin
Kneeling in front of you I kiss your stomach and work my way up
The chocolate covers my face as I kiss the underside of your breasts
I kiss around the side of your breast as I tweak your nipple
A moan escapes your mouth as I slide your erect nipple into my eager mouth
Sucking you into me feeling your rubbery nipple grazing the side of my mouth
Glancing up into your eyes my lips leave your breast
Your eyes closed in ecstasy as I begin to kiss down your chocolate covered tummy
I nibble on your belly button snaking my tongue in and out
Stopping to drizzle more chocolate to keep this sweet journey going south
Your thighs spread wide awaiting my chocolate concoction of lust
Licking your thighs I kiss my way to your clit gently sucking it into my mouth
Spreading your lips I slide a chocolate cherry inside of you
Pulling it out with my lips and then sucking it into my mouth
Loving the taste of you, chocolate and cherries


Awoken from a slumber
I feel you next to me
The warmth of your body radiating against mine
I feel your slight movement in bed with each breath you take
Feeling at peace and whole for the first time in a long time
My arm draped over your hip
Fingers tracing the curve of your spine
Loving the soft touch of my skin against your flesh
I don't know what to do without you in my life
My days are free from worry with you
A ray of sunshine has opened up breaking down the wall of a dreary day
My days of desolation are over
Knowing that anything can be possible between us
The future can not hold us back